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Mkwa minwaa Miskomin - 3"x5"x2" stretched canvas, acrylic, silver-lined red glass size 06 beads.  


The Mkwa minwaa Miskomin is a beautiful piece of original art created by an Anishnaabe/Lenape artist Keitha Keeshig-Tobias. The artwork features a woodland style bear, known as Mkwa, holding a realistic raspberry, also known as Miskomin in Anishnaabemowin. The raspberry is created with juicy, big size 06 red glass silverlined beads. This ripe berry in Mkwa's belly is also a prayer/wish for protection, family, and sustenance to the people suffering aroung the world like those of Palestine. The artwork is created using acrylic paint on canvas and adorned with large glass seed beads woven to cre. This artwork is not just a beautiful piece to hang on your walls, it also can brighten any desk with it jewel like berry medicine

Mkwa minwaa Miskomin

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